Thursday, January 30, 2020

Are Labor and Division of Labor Problems Essay Example for Free

Are Labor and Division of Labor Problems Essay Are hierarchy and division of labor problems? Why or why not? In regards to organizations, hierarchy can be defined as any system of people or things that are ranked one about another. The hierarchy structure can be defined as flat, mid-sized, or tall. Small businesses may have a flat hierarchy because of their small size, they lack middle management and there may only be a few managers and a few workers overall. On the other hand, larger companies have a tall structure with many tiers and levels of management, workers, and other staff leading up to the president of the company. Division of labor is a process in which a specific worker or group of workers are assigned a specialized task in order to increase overall efficiency, It may mean splitting a task into many sub tasks in order to pass out the smaller parts to people who are most qualified and fitted for those specific tasks. I do not believe either hierarchy or division of labor could be considered problems. Both align protocols and chains of commands in which the people best suited. Having a clear line of hierarchy in which worker can go to manager, who would in turn go to manager until it reached the president allows people higher up on the hierarchy to not have to spend time with tasks that could be handled by positions lower than them, allowing them to use their time more efficiently to carry out their own tasks. Likewise, division of labor allows for tasks to be matched to the best suited person to complete them. Not only can this save time since the person will already be familiar with the concept they are working with, it will allow the company as a whole to get to the next step and run more efficiently. Overall, I believe both these concepts allow for a company to save time, manpower, money, and other resources. When running a corporation it is important to run as efficiently as possible, more like a machine then like a group of people.

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